Top Regtech Solution Companies in Europe
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Top 10 Regtech Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Regulatory watchdogs are constantly on the lookout to update regulations to keep up with new technologies and mitigate financial crimes and other industry-related risks. As regulatory laws become stringent with every passing day, enterprises, financial firms and other regulated entities are in greater need of Regtech solutions customised to their risks that are influenced by the industry trends, customers and business activities. With GDPR being a core requirement of EU countries, organisations within these jurisdictions are searching for ways to address data protection rules and comply with regulatory requirements.

As Regtech strengthens its foothold within the compliance arena, its innovative cloud-based services and offerings are finding their way across the financial space. Another aspect that is gaining steam is the utilisation of SaaS API models for developing enterprise systems for automated compliance processes. Automation in compliance programmes paves the way for intelligent monitoring, checking and report generation, minimising risks of human error, reducing operational costs and the need for supervision.

With the advent of digital tools in Regtech, it becomes easy for enterprises to identify and implement relevant laws and frameworks for effortless compliance. Financial institutions can comply with regulations such as KYC, AML, and PDPA in a more intuitive, accurate and efficient manner.

Regtech grabs the top spot for compliance due to its cost-effectiveness and maximum efficiencies, which is why regulators widely adopt it. Set against this backdrop, this edition of Banking CIO Outlook features some of the best Regtech solution providers in Europe that are at the forefront of change in the industry.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s, “Top 10 Regtech Solution Providers in Europe - 2020.”

    Top Regtech Solution Companies in Europe

  • Cleversoft leverages the latest cloud-based technologies to deliver its extensive suite of fully integrated regtech software that bring about highly desirable change across a client’s enterprise. The company focuses on digitization of business processes for regulatory documentation& reporting, marketing, financial crime prevention as well as other back-office operations. With its regulatory documents and reporting capabilities, Cleversoft improves the trust between financial service providers, regulators and investors—thereby simplifying the move towards compliance. The company’s solutions help banks, insurances, asset managerscomply with PRIIPs, 5AMLD, MiFID II, Solvency II, IFRS 17, FinSA, ESG etc

  • A Portuguese consultancy firm, Dixtior’s Compliance Solution in combination with its team’s modern business management techniques and innovative organisational structures deliver a tailored solution to help clients define and meet long-term strategic objectives.The company founded in early 2013 by three professionals with extensive experience in areas different Rui Vicente - banking and financing, Mário Oliveira - computer engineering and Sónia Silva - management informatics. Since the inception of the company in 2013, Dixtior has established a strong presence in three continents - Europe, Africa and Asia

  • The largest and broadest financial crime, risk, and compliance solutions provider that has developed an autonomous financial crime management platform: X-Sight. Available as the first financial crime compliance platform-as-a-service, X-Sight offers a new way of financial crime prevention and compliance with backend automated provisioning of storage, computation, and analysis of boundless data. The platform creates a world of a cross-domain financial crime risk and compliance management, where key data is seamlessly collected and dynamically linked to an entity to reveal the entire customer lifecycle across accounts and events

  • RegRadar empowers banks and financial institutions through its holistic approach to regulatory monitoring which consists of high-tech tools, value-added services, and its community of institutions, as well as professional partners. RegRadar has developed a global regulatory change response platform with an aim to help banks explore, analyse and respond to the regulatory changes, while also accomplishing their business goals.The intelligent global regulatory changes response platform from RegRadar utilises AI and big data technology to facilitate the availability of massive data for searching and researching, while sanitising and distilling the information to help manage the information and make it actionable

  • EliData


    EliData offers complete and modular multi-market and multi-asset class STP solutions for banks, investment firms, asset management and insurance companies.Our suite offers access to domestic and international markets, networks and brokers for trading and order routing for all asset classes

  • Financial Service Bureau

    Financial Service Bureau

    Provides products and services to ensure compliance with the law on Anti Money Laundering and financing of terrorism



    Runs a real-time transaction monitoring solution to support Financial Institutions to get to the next level of Anti-Money-Laundering

  • LanguageWire


    Reviews and approve translations faster using Smart Editor’s visual context preview and seamless integration with advanced translation tools

  • Relativity


    At Relativity, we make software to help users organize data, discover the truth, and act on it. Our platform is used by more than 13,000 organizations around the world to manage large volumes of data and quickly identify key issues during litigation, internal investigations, and compliance operations with SaaS platform RelativityOne and Relativity Trace. Relativity has users in 48+ countries from organizations, including the U.S. Department of Justice, and 199 of the Am Law 200. Relativity has been named one of Chicago's Top Workplaces by the Chicago Tribune for nine consecutive years

  • ThreatMark


    ThreatMark uses its own research in behavioral biometrics and the latest advances in machine learning to distinguish legitimate customers from cybercriminals, in real time.The world’s first full-stack fraud prevention solution combining transaction risk analysis, threat detection, and user behavior profiling capabilities in integrated analytics