Top RegTech Solution Companies In UK
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Top 5 RegTech Solution Companies In UK - 2020

Regtech has become a mission-critical aspect for financial institutions as they are bombarded with expensive and complicated regulatory requirements. Due to the heightened demand for efficient technology and solutions, huge investments are being made in Regtech companies. Companies need to choose the best solution that has the ability to overcome the different regulatory challenges faced by their compliance and risk teams and at the same time, save costs and reduce risks.

As regulatory requirements and industry standards vary between countries, Regtech offers a common platform for monitoring cross-border business and helps companies comply with countless rules. Headline makers like Brexit along with concerns around privacy, cybersecurity, and cryptocurrency are capturing the focus of regulators and causing a lot of activity in the Regtech industry.

The financial sector is witnessing an increase in data privacy laws and new regulations around security due to the growing frequency of cyberattacks against banking firms. Understanding the changing times, Regtech vendors are developing innovative solutions to keep up with the evolving regulatory requirements. With Regtech gaining momentum, financial institutions need to choose technology that assures data security and impacts their business positively in the present and the future.

On that note, this edition of Banking CIO Outlook brings to you some of the best names in the Regtech space that are at the forefront of tackling the regulatory challenges that enterprises face today.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s, “Top 5 Regtech Solution Providers in UK - 2020.”

    Top RegTech Solution Companies In UK

  • A specialist provider of testing and validation solutions for sanction screening and transaction monitoring technologies. The company publishes monthly Global Benchmark scores that represent industry standards, allowing financial institutions to compare their sanction screening system performance with peers around the globe and take corrective measures as required. AML Analytics has also developed a powerful self-assessment tool for clients to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of sanction screening technologies using Control records and Manipulated records which are changed by algorithm, thereby enabling clients to address regulatory requirements and minimize exposure to risks

  • Recordsure is a pioneering RegTech analytics solution helping financial organisations improve performance and culture by providing actionable insights from customer interactions on a uniquely scalable basis. The company uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to gather valuable data across all customer touchpoints, organise it at scale and draw ground−breaking insights to improve compliance and customer care in regulated environments. Refined over years of research, Recordsure has developed some of the world’s most advanced speech and document analytics tools to collect, segment and analyse customer interaction data with unprecedented precision

  • Capnovum


    Capnovum’s cognitive compliance management platform provides an up-to-date repository of regulations, obligations and regulatory news; that lets financial institutions manage compliance and resource utilisation across jurisdictions. Artificial intelligence (AI) is leveraged to understand and identify synergies between regulations, assess the footprint of business models and impact of regulatory updates. Capnovum eliminates manual work and external spend that traditionally go into producing and disseminating static reports. Reducing cost, improving timeliness and quality



    ClauseMatch is a regulatory technology company with unique SAAS offering, that enables financial institutions to streamline regulatory change management through effective organization of internal policies, standards, procedures, and controls. It is a 2014 graduate of the inaugural Barclays accelerator programme, BBVA Open Talent challenge winner, is in the top 10 RegTech companies selected by Dow Jones, Financial News, and is in the CB Insights list of the most promising FinTech companies globally

  • TradingHub


    Provides trade data analytics to the financial services industry