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Top 5 Regtech Solution Companies in UK - 2021

As the financial regulatory space continues to witness disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on business digitalisation, organisations in the sector are relying on state-of-the-art Regtech offerings to help them traverse the evolving compliance arena. A prime example of the rising significance of Regtech is its increasing adoption by global banks to consolidate the management of cross-border regulations and deliver a compliant user experience. At the same time, with growing concerns over data security and privacy, financial institutes are also leveraging next-gen Regtech offerings to predict imminent mandates and assess its impact on upcoming strategies.

From simplifying the process of maintaining compliance with emerging regulations to automating compliance processes and minimising human error, Regtech has already become a mainstay in the finance arena. Looking ahead, the Regtech solution arena is poised to develop an ecosystem that accurately predicts upcoming regulations and seamlessly notifies C-suites on how to augment their current strategies to best capitalise the potential opportunities. Above all, Regtech solutions are ushering in a future where companies have automated compliance processes powering highly productive and cost-effective operations.

Though the market is brimming with regtech companies, finding the right one is an arduous task. This edition of Banking CIO Outlook has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organisations in the industry that solve challenges by implementing the current technologies trends in the space. Through this special edition, we present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s ‘Top 5 Regtech Solution Providers in UK – 2021.’

    Top Regtech Solution Companies in UK

  • A specialist provider of testing and validation solutions for sanction screening and transaction monitoring technologies. The company publishes monthly Global Benchmark scores that represent industry standards, allowing financial institutions to compare their sanction screening system performance with peers around the globe and take corrective measures as required. AML Analytics has also developed a powerful self-assessment tool for clients to validate the effectiveness and efficiency of sanction screening technologies using Control records and Manipulated records which are changed by algorithm, thereby enabling clients to address regulatory requirements and minimize exposure to risks

  • Custodia is the leading vendor-independent global financial compliance technology expert. To help financial institutions offload the pressure of such regulations, Custodia offers Compliance Cloud One℠—a global SaaS-based compliance solution that can seamlessly record audio, video, screen-sharing, and messaging. And as the recording solution—built within Azure—is managed by Custodia’s team of compliance technology experts, the clients don’t require specialised skill or equipment to ensure adherence to the regulations. The proficiencies of Compliance Cloud One are complemented further by Custodia Assist—a managed service bundle, which enables organisations to seamlessly manage and monitor the recorded content, also giving the ability to track every single recording

  • Founded in 2015, nChain advances the potential of blockchain technology through ongoing research and development of patentable inventions and by offering commercial solutions such as Kensei, a developer-friendly blockchain interface. Kensei is designed to drive adoption of blockchain technology by removing the complexities in creating and verifying tamper-evident data and processes. nChain also owns the CREA (business process management) and Equaleyes (mobile and web development) brands, which complement its core blockchain expertise. nChain provides robust data consistency offerings that help organisations and developers of all sizes achieve their goals

  • Recordsure is a pioneering RegTech analytics solution helping financial organisations improve performance and culture by providing actionable insights from customer interactions on a uniquely scalable basis. The company uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to gather valuable data across all customer touchpoints, organise it at scale and draw ground−breaking insights to improve compliance and customer care in regulated environments. Refined over years of research, Recordsure has developed some of the world’s most advanced speech and document analytics tools to collect, segment and analyse customer interaction data with unprecedented precision

  • Fingerprint Supervision

    Fingerprint Supervision

    Boasting over 140 years of combined industry experience, Fingerprint Supervision has sat on both sides of the regulatory fence, providing it with a unique perspective that has helped to shape the Fingerprint platform. From designing the technology of the world’s largest hedge funds to optimising the operations of investment banks, the company know all too well that the tools its clients lean upon often determine the success or failure of their compliance culture